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  • Together We Can Break Free from Everything That's Keeping You Stuck

    “Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers.

    It happens when you’re ready to face the questions that you’ve been avoiding your whole life.” -Shannon Adler

    Are you feeling anxious and overwhelmed?

    Is there something in your past that’s getting in the way of your future?

    Are you feeling lonely or disconnected from your friends and family?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone anymore. Psychologists at Riverside Psychology are specially trained to assist those who struggle with anxiety, trauma, and relationship problems. We work with our patients as a team, and our relationships as the key to successful therapy.

    We’re in this together, and we’ve got this.

    If you’re ready to work towards the life you’ve always wanted, we’re ready when you are.

    Contact us today and let’s get to work.

    About Kelly Meyering, Psy.D.

    Dr. Meyering is a clinical psychologist and the founder of Riverside Psychology, LLC. She is a licensed psychologist in NY and CT, and can also provide telehealth in any PSYPACT participating state. She flexibly applies advanced training in evidence-based treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive processing therapy (CPT), and family systems therapy. Dr. Meyering also serves as an adjunct clinical supervisor to CBT trainees at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology.

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