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  • The Power of Vulnerability

    We live in a society that values being tough, brave, and strong. We are taught from a young age that showing emotion is weak, that boys can’t cry, and that we should protect ourselves from vulnerability.

    And yet, how far has that gotten us?

    Think of the amount of courage it takes to allow yourself to be in a position where your heart might get broken. To say “I love you” first. How much courage does it take to put yourself out there and make new friends? Go for that promotion? Rely on others in addition to ourselves?

    The Benefits of Vulnerability

    If it takes so much courage to be vulnerable, why should we even bother gathering that bravery to become let ourselves be vulnerable?

    More Emotional Intimacy

    Opening up to another human being and sharing your deepest emotions is what ultimately builds healthy and lasting relationships. When we expose our authentic selves, we set ourselves up for potential heartache, yes, but also for ultimate connection.

    Think about it from the other side: how close are you to people you only talk about the weather with? It’s impossible to feel close to someone without practicing vulnerability.

    Better Self-Worth

    Being vulnerable also allows us to accept ourselves as we are, flaws and all. This helps us to stop comparing ourselves to others and experience a tremendous boost in our self-compassion and self-esteem.

    It Begets Compassion

    Getting comfortable with our own vulnerability means we can also be comfortable with others’. And this means, in those times when the people in our lives show their vulnerability to us, we can respond with compassion.

    Start the Journey

    As they say, every journey starts with a single step. Your journey toward embracing your own vulnerabilities will also start with a single step. This may mean spending more quiet time alone. It may mean the next time a good friend asks, “How are you?” you tell them the truth.

    It may also mean digging deep and uncovering some old wounds and darkness that you have been ignoring. And for this part of the journey, you may want to consider seeking guidance from a trained therapist who can offer tools and advice.

    If you’d like some assistance on your journey, please get in touch with us. Clinicians at Riverside Psychology will be more than happy to help.