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  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

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    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a research-driven treatment that has been helping people who have big emotions, difficult relationships, and generally feel lost. DBT skills training is a once-weekly individual treatment, where we will teach you the core skills that make DBT such an effective treatment, and problem-solve how to incorporate these new skills into your daily life.

    What do “dialectical” and “behavioral” mean?

    The “D” of DBT is all about balanced and flexible thinking. Sometimes two things seem to be opposites, but are somehow both true. For example, we must learn to accept the things we cannot change and change the things that we can.

    The “B” of DBT is all about our actions. At Riverside Psychology, we believe everyone is doing the best that they can with the skills they have. Our job is to teach you new skills so you can handle everything life throws at you as effectively as possible.

    How do I know if I need DBT skills?

    • Have you ever felt like your emotions were all over the place?
    • That you find yourself acting impulsively one moment and then regretting those actions the next?
    • Does it feel as if you’re constantly stuck in the past or fixated on the future, without being able to experience the present?
    • Do you sometimes feel lost and disconnected from yourself, others, and the world?
    • Have you found yourself making the same mistakes in relationships over and over again, and struggling to do things differently?
    • Does it sometimes feel like this life simply is not worth living?

    If you relate to any of the above, then DBT skills training is the right fit for you. At Riverside Psychology, you can get the skills that you need to live a more effective, mindful, and fulfilled life. Contact us today for more information on DBT.

    Coming soon: DBT Skills Group

    If you are looking for a cost-effective way to learn these essential skills while also building a community of like-minded DBT-ers, Riverside Psychology is accepting referrals for a weekly DBT skills group. In DBT skills group, you will learn the four modules of DBT: mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. You will also get the chance to bounce ideas of off others who struggle with the same difficulties as you, and get productive feedback from group leaders.